Ancient Soil

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Take your soil back to ancient times when everything grew easily. Ancient Soil contains the earth’s natural ingredients from volcanos to oceans, to worm casting.

Our Ancient Soil contains over 600 different species of microorganisms that become your master gardeners by delivering nutrients and protecting your plants from bugs, disease, and drought. Add it to your favorite soil and watch your plants thrive.

Ancient Soil

Stimulate New Healthy Growth and Root Growth

Microbes Deliver Micro and Macro Nutrients

Safe for People, Pollinators, Pets and the Planet

Helps Condition the Soil and Build a Fungal Network

Ancient Soil contains organic worm castings along with 4 of the most bio-active, environmentally-friendly, soil enhancing ingredients including…

Sea Kelp (The Organic Multivitamin) Contains over 70 critical vitamins and minerals, increases the size and storage life of vegetables. Reinvigorates plants and making them more resistant to certain diseases, pests, and weather conditions.

Organic Worm Castings (soil probiotics) Replenish the living microorganisms in your soil and give your plants an endless salad bar of nutrients.

Bat Guano (The Green Multiplier) Transforms plant leaves into the perfect shade of green, encourages rapid seedling and flower growth and drip feeds root systems.

Azomite (The Volcanic Recharge) Awakens healthy soil microbes, improves aeration or water penetration. Remineralizers depleted soil, skyrockets plant vigor, and boosts crop yield.

1. Mixing

In a separate container combined together 20% of Ancient Soil with 80% of a soil medium. Mix well!

#3 pots fit 2 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix

#5 pots fit 2.5 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix

#7 pots fit 4 lbs Ancient Soil at 20% mix

2. Potting

Once fully mixed use this soil blend for potting indoor or outdoor plants, in garden beds, re-potting and in transplant holes.

If you have a already potted plant, tree or garden you can sprinkle Ancient Soil on the top and around the plants. You can mix it into the dirt a little or just leave it and when you water nutrients are slowly released.

Ancient Soil is Perfect For...



Outdoor Plants

Shrubs & Bushes


100% Organic

Made In The USA

Woman Owned

Zero Harsh Chemicals

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Fe Balaoing
Plant juice, ancient soil

Sorry, have not used my order for my garden since it’s still winter.

Brian Wild

It's not much for the price.

Plant supplements

I recently received my first order of elm dirt and have been pleased with the results. I've used it in transplanting, recovery, and as a supplement with my soil. The results have been wonderful my plants are becoming deeper in green and a couple have recovered in a few short weeks. My garden is looking really nice. The product that I've try have been ancient soil, and plant juice. I'll continue to use them throughout the summer.

Grace Laguilles
Ancient Soil

I applied ancient soil on holes for my seeds. 3rd day, they were sprouting with healthy leaves. This really surprised me as i never experienced this before. The squash leaves are so big & healthy. Everything from Roses to all vegetable plants are happy with a little feeding of this soil. Thanks Elm, I’m on my second year using the product.

Ashlee L.
Beautiful Product!

I love the story behind your company, and I love the results I am seeing in my plants! They stand up taller, root faster, and don’t have any obvious signs of transfer shock when using the Ancient Soil and Plant Juice. I enjoy bringing those “discount plants” that are hard on their luck tucked into a back corner of the display at big box store nurseries back to life, and the Ancient Soil has been a game changer in doing so. Your products make my thumb greener by the day!

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