All-Purpose Potting Mix

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Our All-Purpose Potting Mix is enriched with Elm Dirt Ancient Soil. A blend of organic ingredients crafted to supply the plant with beneficial nutrients creating a living potting soil. Our potting mix is specifically formulated for plants’ specific needs. Use less water and water less frequently!


  • Mushroom Compost helps improve soil health and water retention. Supplies nutrients to the plants for healthy growth.
  • Pitt Moss is a sustainable alternative to Peat Moss. Reducing the amount of watering. Improves cultivation and higher yields.
  • Ancient Soil is a blend of worm casting and other beneficial ingredients that supply your plant with nutrients

Customer Reviews

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Donna W.

I have potting soil, but it certainly isn't like Elm Dirt's potting soil. You can see the difference. I just repotted or added the Elm potting soil to my plants. Every single plant perked up and was greener. GREAT stuff. I will get rid of the other potting soil and never look back!

Suzi R.

Great soil. My plants look amazing.

Natalie T.

Have used on out avocado ?? tree has gotten 4 new leaves in less than a month..!!!!!

Patricia O.

Love this product, and will be ordering more this spring.

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All-Purpose Potting Mix
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