Worm Casting

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All organic, premium worm castings that will get your garden growing! Worm castings are created by Red Wiggler worms as they breakdown food and paper waste into highly enriched dirt. This dirt contains all nutrients that plants need in readily available forms so that the plant can use it right away. The worms also infuse the dirt with beneficial microbes which help plants grow stronger and protect them from certain plant diseases. No chemicals needed if you use worm castings on your garden!

Now 3rd party verified as Class A compost.

Worm Casting

Stimulate New Healthy Growth and Root Growth

Microbes Deliver Micro and Macro Nutrients

Safe for People, Pollinators, Pets and the Planet

Helps Condition the Soil and Build a Fungal Network

Worm Castings is Perfect For...



Outdoor Plants

Shrubs & Bushes


1. Mixing

In a separate container combined together 20% of Worm Casting with 80% of a soil medium. Mix well!

#3 pots fit 2 lbs Worm Casting at 20% mix

#5 pots fit 2.5 lbs Worm Casting at 20% mix

#7 pots fit 4 lbs Worm Casting at 20% mix

2. Potting

Once fully mixed use this soil blend for potting indoor or outdoor plants, in garden beds, re-potting and in transplant holes.

If you have a already potted plant, tree or garden you can sprinkle Worm Castings on the top and around the plants. You can mix it into the dirt a little or just leave it and when you water nutrients are slowly released.

100% Organic

Made In The USA

Woman Owned

Zero Harsh Chemicals

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
rosemary C.

All my houseplants are looking good, new growth and healthy..want ur worms then available. Thanks

Ginger T.

Everything that I have purchased from Elm Dirt has been a miracle to plants.

Paul H.

So between the worm castings and plant just my garden is thriving!

Cindy D.

I am not sure which one of the products I purchased that has been so helpful for my plants, the Elm Dirt or the Worm Castings since I use them together. I just purchased many succulents and some garden plants. They are all thriving since I started using the products. I will definitely continue to use both products since I have never had any luck with keeping them alive!

Katie B.

Really great for cannabis nutrients.

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