Looking for a Sustainable Fertilizer for Your Farm?

Elm Dirt Tote Test

Buy a 250 gallon IBC tote at 20% off

Will cover approximately 50 acres if applied in Spring and Fall, depending on soil health. Elm Dirt will pay for a “before and after” Microbial Soil Test ($500 value). Email [email protected] for more information!

Farmers everywhere are noting higher levels of drought, increased fertilizer costs with decreased availability and yield reduction.  The cost of land has exploded.   40% of the world’s soil is classified as degraded.  Farmers report needing to increase irrigation, while their water quality is decreasing.  Some states have initiated water restrictions, and some are starting to ban or limit the use of synthetic fertilizers.  Our insect, pollinator, and bird populations are notably going down.     One Farmer we spoke to put it so well…  “Our soil health is going to hell.”

“We are asking SO much year after year of our soil.”

Elm Dirt is a solution.

Our current farmers have noted: increased drought tolerance, cost effective and easy to apply (no special equipment needed or in some cases no equipment needed!)

The USDA will be incenting Farmers $30billion for Regenerative Ag practices
They report increases in organic cropland, pastureland, rangeland + operations

3 – 5% of arable U.S. land is now 100% organic, but much more is a hybrid

Elm Dirt is 3rd Party Tested

Tests confirm the usage of 20% less water than salt-based fertilizer

Regular usage has a cumulative effect requiring less fertilizer + water over time

Elm Dirt Organic Fertilizer is an All-in-one” Application:

Worm casting base
Includes over 250 species of Microbe Bacteria and Fungi
Includes over 50 Micro Nutrients that help break down soil Macro Nutrients
Includes Gypsum – a natural source of calcium (comparable to adding lyme)
Also includes non-plant food ingredients such as silica for drought tolerance

How our products work:

Microbes break down nutrients in our products plus what’s already in your soil to supply what plants need when they need it.

Microbes also stimulate root growth for healthier plants above ground

Microbes also continue to pull nitrogen out of the air and supply it to plants through nitrogen fixation

Fungi networks begin to grow to reach nutrients and water that plant roots can’t reach on their own.

Silica strengthens plants and helps speed up the delivery of essential nutrients

Yucca acts as a surfactant to help breakdown barriers for the delivery of essential nutrients

Nutrients in our products are supplied via a diverse nutrient profile to include micronutrients missing in conventional fertilizers. Micronutrients also aid the microbes in converting what’s already in your soil into forms plants can use.


Nature based solution

Not salt based so less water is needed to use and no salt build up over time

Increased organic matter in fields helps with water retention

Increased drought tolerance due to increased water retention, rebuilding of fungi network and stronger plants

Increased root growth

Easy to use and incorporate in current fertilizing system

Faster seed germination, more seeds germinate

How to Use:

Works for all crops

In Furrow application: 2-5 gallons per acre

Fall application: 2-5 gallons per acre

Can also be used as a foliar spray

Spray using water as a carrier

Can be used in central pivot, just use water to flush after use

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