Yearly Regenerative and Sustainable Lawn Care

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Want to take all of the guesswork out of your lawn care? We’ll send it right to your door right when it’s needed.
Simply pick your yard size and get everything you need delivered quickly.

Our 4 part system will ensure that your lawn is green, happy, and healthy all year long. Each season if designed to deliver exactly what your lawn needs and when it needs it. Because your lawn deserves better. Our custom formulated lawn-care line is people, pet, pollinator, and planet friendly. You’ll start building up a living soil with our microbe-rich fertilizers that will help with heat tolerance, reduce your water usage, and give you the greenest lawn you ever had. Starting from our nutrient and microbe dense worm castings, we build a base to create the ultimate organic lawn care line.

There will be 2 packages shipped. You will be shipped Spring Revive and Summer Strength together to use during the spring and summer season. Fall Rally and Winter Prep will be shipped out together to use during the Fall and Winter Season.

Regenerative Lawn Care

Help develop healthy root system for harder growth

microbes help with heat stress and reduce water usage

Safe for People, Pollinators, Pets and the Planet

Helps Condition the Soil and Build a Fungal Network

Spring Revive

Revive your lawn from winter with our quick awakening microbe formula. Develop early spring root growth to make it harder for other plants to grow and build the soil biome. Give your lawn the best start!

Summer Strength

Prepare your lawn for the heat and traffic of summer fun. Our heat stress formula helps your lawn continue to thrive as the weather changes. Our microbes work hard during the summer so you don't have to.

Fall Rally

It’s time for your lawn to rally and recharge from the summer heat and traffic stress. This micro-nutrient packed fertilizer replenishes your lawn’s nutrients while our added beneficial non-plant food ingredients go to work strengthening the stems.

Winter Prep

Prep your lawn for the first frost. Get microbes breaking down organic matter in preparation for spring. Encourages a stronger root system for better winter survival and pre-load your lawn with vial nutrients to needed to make an easy transition into the winter months.

1. Shake

Shake, shake, shake! To ensure your plants get all their nutrients, shake the bottle well before using. Prevents any natural product separation.

2. Fill

Fill empty bottle with product to see how much you are using when applying. Skip this step if you do not have or need a empty bottle.

3. Spray

Attach hose end sprayer to the bottle. Turn on the sprayer by turning the dial to ON and evenly spray your lawn with product.

Each bottle covers 2000 sq ft

We Put the "Care" Back in Lawn Care

Elm Dirt Lawn Care is easy to use. You won’t have to worry about you, your family or pets after applying. No concerns with fertilizer run-off because we do not use salt based ingredients and our microbes keep the nutrients at your lawn’s roots. Your neighbors will envy  your lawn!

We Focus On The Roots

The roots are where the magic happens. Our microbes boost root growth and build fungal networks to increase nutrient uptake and lower water needs.

Helps Fight Against Weeds

Want a built-in weed control? It’s not perfect, but the healthier your lawn is and the longer your lawn builds up a living soil, it makes it harder and harder for seasonal weeds to take place.

< 2,000 sq ft. - 1 bottle shipped

2,000-4,000 sq ft. - 2 bottle shipped

4,000-6,000 sq ft. - 3 bottle shipped

6,000-8,000 sq ft. - 4 bottle shipped

8,000-10,000 sq ft. - 5 bottle shipped

Have more than 10,000 sq ft. of lawn? Contact us at [email protected]

100% Organic

Made In The USA

Woman Owned

Zero Harsh Chemicals

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Yearly Regenerative and Sustainable Lawn Care
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