Plant Perfection

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Plant Perfection isn’t just for giving your plants an all-natural shine, it helps get rid of pest and their eggs you can’t see. It helps repels dust and can get rid of pesky hard water spots on your plant leaves! Dust can clog the stoma of the plant not allowing them to photosynthesize correctly. Helps repel soft-bodied insects and can help kill pests including fungus gnats, aphids, and mites.

32 oz Plant Perfection Refill is ready to use! Simply add the liquid into your existing 16 oz Plant Perfection bottle or take the mister off and add it to the top of your 32 oz bottle!

32 oz and 16 oz Bottle’s and Mister is 100% Recyclable and Eco-Friendly. Please removes labels before recycling.

Plant Perfection

Helps get rid of pest and their small eggs

Removes and repelling dust, allowing plant to photosynthesize

Get rid of hardwater stains and product residue

Plant Perfection is Perfect For...


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Rubber Tree




Snake Plant

Zz Plant

1. Shake

Shake, shake, shake! Shake well before applying. Apply Plant Perfection with spray bottle or mister.

2. Spray

Lightly spray Plant Perfection directly on the leaves, not drenching them. 

3. Wipe

Gently wipe off Plant Perfection with a microfiber cloth and allow plants to dry. 

Repeat maintence as needed.

Hard Water Spot Application

Apply once every 3-5 days until hard water spots are gone

Do not apply the product in direct sunlight.
Test on one leaf wait 3 days before using on the whole plant. Do not drench the plant. Apply a thin layer of the product

100% Organic

Made In The USA

Woman Owned

Zero Harsh Chemicals

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christine G.

The spray is handy. I was expecting more shine. However it cleans dust off leaves like a vacuum cleaner.

Patricia O.

Great product, haven't used very long, but if this product is like their others, it will be great!

Diane B.

Have not used it yet

Precious J.

I only use it once a week and it works great


I really did not see a difference in the shine. But cannot go wrong with any products from Elm Dirt

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